Content Is King

This article is about the most important thing when it comes to your website being seen. Content is KING! (or Queen if you are of that persuasion)

I know this might sound silly because all websites have content but what I’m saying is that they don’t have enough. If you look at websites that do really well on Google and are popular with visitors you will notice one common thing. Lots and Lots of content which is relevant.

This is key to a website and to Google when it’s ranking you on its search engine. But this isn’t the only place you need to put content. You need to start writing for a blog or two, on forums and articles for online magazines.

All of these things then link back to your website telling Google and other people that your website is popular.
This will push your website up the rankings and Bob’s your uncle you start to rise up the rankings in Google.
OK, it won’t be over night and you have to keep at it to stay there but once you have the hang of it and you get into the rhythm of it you’re going to be fine.

However if all that sounds like hard work and you really don’t have the time to do all this stuff there are companies out there that can get it sorted out for you (such as White Rabit!!).

I hope that all made sense and was helpful. I will be back again with some more info and helpful tips soon.

Keep Smiling