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Welcome to White Rabit. Your creative agency that can help with all levels of design and tech. We specialise in bringing your dreams to life, using design, code, photography and much more.

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Engage your customers and boost your business with Mailchimp and White Rabit. We are a certified Mailchimp Partner and proud.



The modern world calls for all companies and brands to have a website. We offer a wide variety of options for websites to fit all budgets.



Sell your products and services online with White Rabit, from budget friendly and simple to the most complex store. We have you covered.

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Graphic Design


App Design





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Educate & Empower

We are here to provide your company with the services it needs, every single step of the way. But we don’t keep you in the dark. We empower you with the knowledge to take your business into your own hands, so that when you hit the ground running, you can keep on going. We’ll always be here to help you.

Total Transparency

Our business is all about your success: no hidden agendas here! We have zero additional costs or charges, and we don’t affiliate with any third parties. That means you can protect and maximise your budget with our fixed fee services. When we recommend making a purchase, it’s because your business will benefit, not our profits!

You’ve got a friend in us

We’re here to help you succeed. White Rabit works closely — but autonomously! — with you and your team, meeting your needs to the highest standards. Our long-term client partnerships often evolve into good friendships as we provide ongoing support on your business journey.

Payment Plans

At White Rabit, we understand that money does not grow on trees and that new businesses, as well as old, have to make sure that their cash flow is always flowing in the correct direction.

This is why White Rabit offers Payment Plans. These Payment Plans let you dream big and not have to worry about the money side of things.

Understandably this is a very large number for a company to pay out in one or even two chunks. This is where the White Rabit Payment Plans come in.

We take this large number and split it up over months so you are only paying small manageable chunks that won’t upset your cash flow.

For example, you want a store like this one and you have 300 products to photograph and you wish to have a special offer page. Here is how it would work:

• Site – 5,500
• 300 photos – 7,500
• Special Offer Page – 800

Total = 13,800

Paid over 12 months would be 1,000 per month with the first payment of 1,800 to start the job.

Note: Monthly maintenance and monthly special offer page updates are not part of payment plans and must be paid on top.

Please also remember that when you enter into a payment plan agreement with White Rabit and you need more work doing down the road say 3 months in we will just add it onto the total and increase the number of months.

Note: hosting, domains, plugins and all things outside of White Rabit’s control can not be included inside of a payment plan for legal reasons we will explain all of this during our meeting.

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