The secrets you don’t know…

So we‘ve all heard about Email marketing. Some of us even have an Email Newsletter that we send out every month. or try to. But let me ask you a serious question has it made you any money? I am guessing that the answer will be “yes but not much” or it could even be “no”.

The basics of Email Marketing:

  • Email Marketing is a way to communicate with Warm Leads / They signed up for your newsletter so they should be interested in you
  • Email Marketing should push the customer to do something. Be it click a button to visit your website or pick up the phone
  • Email Marketing should be brief and to the point and should build your brand and make your company stand out.

So let me tell you the secret I found the other day and we will all start making money.

You might have heard the phrase “The money is in the list”. There are two parts to this –

  • The List itself
  • What we do with it.

First, you have to have an email marketing list and populate it with the right people. When I say the right people I mean the people on your list should be interested in what you do. It’s no good having a list that you just went and purchased from a guy that sent you an email.

So, we have a list and we have a website and ways for people to sign up for the emails. Maybe even a link on our Facebook page.

Now let’s ask a very important question.

What happens when some-one signs up?

I am guessing that currently, they will get an email saying “Please confirm your email address” and then the next time they will hear from you will be when you decide to send out a Newsletter. This is the wrong way to do it and I will tell you why.

It could be months between the confirmation email and the next newsletter and with this gap warm prospects will have forgotten who you are and their reason for even giving you there email. They will go cold!

So how to keep that lead warm & turn it hot?

The answer is simple – an automated system of emails, which should:

  • Build your relationship with the customer
  • Establish yourself as an authority
  • Sell and promote your products or affiliate products

Here are the key elements to remember:

  • 15 – 30 emails in total
  • Emails to be sent out every 2 days
  • Emails should be sent between 9am – 11:30 a.m. on Mondays
  • It takes people 4 days to make a decision
  • Subject lines get a higher open rate
  • Keep the subject line in lower case
  • The more emails you send the less “un-subscribes” you get.

Ok, so now we have the basics let’s talk about this automated system and an example of how it could work for your company. Let’s make up a company and there services for this example.

The company is an online book seller and is called “Best Books“. They want to promote their books and get more online sales. There specialism is books about Sales and Marketing.

The first step is to give people an incentive to sign up for the newsletter and email marketing. The best way to do this is to give something away for Free. I am sure that you have all put your email addresses into websites to get the free download. If not have a look at this site. I filled in my details and the book is really interesting. It’s about Headlines.

So, for this example we will say that Best Books is going to give away “An Introduction to Marketing” as an incentive to sign up for their newsletter. Now the automated system will kick in. We will send them 15 emails over a month. This should convert this browser into a customer.
Remember to keep things personal when you’re writing these emails. The best thing to do is write as though you are talking to your perfect customer.

An example of the first email you should send:

Hi John,

How’s the weather in London today? (the name & location is automated)

I hope you enjoyed the Free book we sent you the other day. I just wanted to check that everything is ok and if you didn’t get the download here it is again. (Link to book)

I will send you another email on Wednesday. (the day is automated)

Talk soon

Best Books.

These are the emails we will send them:

  • Thank you for signing up – Did you get your download. Was it interesting? – No push to the website at all we are establishing our selves
  • About “Best Books” – This is information about the company and why we should trust them. Link to the website but no sales
  • Article about some of the new up and coming books – push to website / blog
  • Offer – This is the first offer, so make it worthwhile, for example – Free Delivery
  • Did you know – more information and sending the customer to the blog.
  • Offer – Simple discount on buying multiple books. – For example buy 5 books get 20% discount
  • More information and sending people to the website
  • More information and sending people to the website
  • Offer – for example By One Get One Free
  • More information and sending people to the website
  • More information and sending people to the website
  • Offer – For example bundles or discount + Free Delivery
  • More information and sending people to the website
  • Offer – this is the last time to catch people on this system so make it a big offer.

You can see from this list of 15 emails that we have only tried to sell to the customer 5 times. This makes the potential customer look to you as an authority figure. So that when you do say “Buy This” they will say OK and click the button.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are key when you are sending people from this system to an Offer page. You need to “squeeze” them into filling in their details or buying the product. A landing page should be designed with a Heading, Sub-Heading, small paragraph of information, image and then the call to action be it Add to Cart or filling in contact details for someone to call them.

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What are your thoughts?

Keep Smiling