Online Marketing

What is Online Marketing and Why do you need it?

Online Marketing is basically marketing on the internet. For Example Email Marketing, Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc), Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimisation.

As with all types of marketing. Some are better than others for different companies. At White Rabit we will help you decided which ones are best for you. We will tailor our services to match your company, products and services.

One of our favourite forms of online marketing is Email Marketing.

Before we get into the fun stuff let me explain something. Email marketing is not buying a list of emails from some guy you just had a coffee with and sending out thousands of emails to these random people and hoping that they will call you. If you want to do this then expect more phone calls complaining that you have SPAMed the people, than them wanting to buy from you.

The correct way to do email marketing, is as normal with all things in life, hard work and slow to start off. With White Rabit at your side we will guide you though all the stages. Informing your exsisting clients about your new email marketing be it a monthly newsletter or weekly deals. As well as helping you to grow your list of subscribers. We will design your emails for you so that they match your business and we can even train you so that you can become the boss and send out your own emails.

Email marketing is about having a conversation with people that already know what you do. This means that they are more likely to get in contact if there is something in the email that they want. This way you get the good phone calls instead of the bad ones.

So what is Email Marketing and Why does your business need it!

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