White Rabit Payment Plans

At White Rabit we understand that money does not grow on trees and that new businesses as well as old have to make sure that there cash flow is always flowing in the correct direction.

This is why White Rabit offers Payment Plans. These Payment Plans let you dream big and not have to worry about the money side of things.

How it works is simple you decide what you need for example meet Bob he is startig a new business and needs everything but his capital to start is not massive and he must spend money on more important things but understands the importants of Brading and an online presence. He needs:

  • Branding – Logo, fonts and colours – £500
  • Business Cards – £125
  • Letter Head – £50
  • A5 Leaflet – £50
  • A1 Poster – £50
  • Roller Banner – £75
  • WordPress Website – £2,500
  • Facebook Profile Pic – £25
  • Facebook Cover Image – £45
  • LinkedIn Profile Pic – £25
  • LinkedIn Cover Image – £45
  • Twitter Profile Pic – £25
  • Twitter Cover Image – £45

Total cost £3,560

Understandably this is a very large number for a company to pay out in one or even two chuncks. This is where the White Rabit Payment Plans come in.

We take this large number and split it up over months so you are only paying small manageable chuncks that wont upset your cashflow.

For example with our friend Bob and his £3,560 we would suggest this to him:

1st payment to start work of £560 (This cleans the numbers up but if this initial payment was to large we can always recalculate things.)

We would then carry on with monthly payments on the 1st of each month of £250 per month for 12 months.

This makes Bobs Cashflow work and gives him everything he needs when he needs it.

Please also note that when you enter into a payment plan agreement with White Rabit and you need more work doing down the road say 3 months in we will just add it onto the total and increase the number of months.

Note: Print costs, hosting, domains, plugins and all things outside of White Rabits controle can not be included inside of a payment plan for legal reasons we will explain all of this during our meeting.

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