Web Design

What is a Website and Why do you need one?

A website is a shop window for your business but instead of it being on one street, in one town, in one country. It is a shop window the whole world can see. This means we can tell the world about your products and services with out them coming to visit you.

Ok so we have our shop window and people can see what you do. What else can a website do for you? It can keep people up to date with new information, keep people interested in your products and services. It can also be used to sell your products and services as an online shop. This means that you can now sell your products to every one in the world.

Don’t get too excited.

A website is an amazing tool and a wonderful way to keep people up to date with everything you are doing. However if you don’t tell people about it and they don’t visit it’s no use to any one. As we say in England “it’s as useful as a chocolate teapot”.

This is where the rest of White Rabits services come in. We can help you to tell people about your website, products, services and company. Your website is one of the tools to help you sell your products and services. Don’t think of it as an instant way to make money, that’s not how it works.

Working Together.

At White Rabit we believe that we should work together with our customers to help them, teach them and get them going in the right direction. This means that once we have created your website (with your help) then we will train you and support you to keep it updated and going in the correct direction. Making you the boss of your own website and not dependent on us.