Web Design Portfolio

The innergy website is a Wordpress and Woo-commerce website created for a Leeds, UK based company.

The aim of this website was to allow B2B customers to order the correct gas bottle for their different industries. Such as beer gas, forklift trucks, line painting machines and much more.

The second aim of the website was to allow B2C customer to order gas bottles and equipment such as heaters and BBQ's.

To solve this we created a "SHOP" section for the B2B customers and the main site is focused on business sectors and thee different types of gas bottles.

One of the main issues we had with this project was the fact that gas bottles can only be delivered to specific postcodes within England meaning a specific function that had to be written to make sure this happened.

Another issue was to create a pop up for a Bottle Agreement this is a legal element and was solved with a very clever plugin.

Due to the complexity of this project and issues within innergy this project took 24 months from concept to launch.

This project was a challenge but I gained a lot more experience and knowledge.