Social Media

Social Marketing or Social Media is another one of those buzz words that is being bandied about. People talking about Twitter and Tweeting, Facebook and Friending or Liking, then there is FourSquare and Checking in, LinkedIn for business networking, YouTube for Vloging and now Google has got in on the act with the all new Google+ and people are Hanging Out.

What does all this mean for you and your company?

Why do you need to get involved and how could it help you?

Lets start at the beginning and the key sales principle of “People by from People”. This is why Social Media or Marketing is so key. It is breaking down the barriers between the company and the consumers. To start with this sounds a little scary and possibly damaging. However the benefits are massive. When 90% of companies that have started using Social Media in the past few years have reported an increase in revenue due to Social Media don’t you think that this could help your company as well? Don’t just think that Social Media is for the big boys like Honda and Starbucks. Small businesses are benefiting greatly from Social Media as its putting them in front of potential “interested” prospects as well as making existing clients feeling like they are part of a community / family.

Ok I’m sold how can White Rabit help?

You have seen all the compelling information above about how Social Media / Marketing / Networking can help your company and you have decided its something you want to start getting into. White Rabit can help with this, we can set it all up, give you some training and even run the campaigns for you. We have a team of highly skilled copywriters, film guys and talented designers that will get you going. We will also advise you on which of the many Social Media markets would be best for your company and time.

We will guide you though the rabit holes and get you going in the right direction as well as supporting you on your journey.