We all know what photography is so why is it in this brochure?

Ok I will tell you why. People say a photograph is worth 1,000 words and they’re correct. The yummy photo of some food or that cool new computer that you want. If I show you a photo your more likely to buy than if I explain to you with just words.

This is why Photography is in this brochure. At White Rabit we understand how important photography is to your company and how it can help.

We can provide you with two types of photography the original photoshoot or stock photography.

So what is the original photoshoot?

The original photoshoot is when we use one of our talented photographers to photograph what ever is needed. Be it your products, your team or your business itself. Whatever you need photographing we can do it.

So what is stock photography?

Stock photography is cheaper than the orginal photoshoot but not as bespoke. There are libraries that White Rabit has access to with millions of photographs that have already been taken about millions of subjects. This means we can normally find a good handfull or more that will fit your company, products and services.

And don’t think its a one or the other deal. With White Rabit we will do the job to fit you. For example, you want to have some team photos and a photo of your business plus a good handfull of stock photography to help illustrate your services then thats what we can do. We will tailorr our services to your needs with what ever we do.