Jargon Free GDPR

I’m Kate Baker and my speciality is Jargon-free GDPR for the owners of small online businesses based in the UK.

The people who really need me are owner-operators of online businesses who know GDPR applies to them and their business but don’t know where to start or may have started but don’t know how to proceed or maintain what’s there. They may even be scared to start at all in case they get it wrong (if this is you, you are not alone!). It doesn’t matter how long you have been in business, I have found.

Everything I do, from training to looking at what you’ve already got (or not) and helping you reach the place you want to be is designed for owners of small businesses, like yours.

I guide you through the what, and you decide how to use the tools, software and platforms you prefer.

I deliver Group and one-2-one programmes and services; both free and paid.

I love all things techy and making what you have/like work for what you want/need.

You can find me and free support, networking and guidance in my Facebook Community Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/jargonfreegdpr. I run a free Workshop on the first Wednesday of the month at 11 am to pass on important information on GDPR and current changes that affect your business.

Below are some of my paid-for programmes and services but I am always creating additional ways to help you and your business to meet your GDPR responsibilities, so do take a look at my website (https://vitualgo2.com) from time to time. There’s also a page of Giveaways on there and they change periodically too – download whatever you want!

Programs & Services

30-minute Solution

A 30-minute Zoom call to deal with a specific GDPR-related issue. Bring along your information and we’ll solve it together.

Outcome: an action plan built together for you to complete what’s necessary.
Recording of the call included.

Cost: £99.00

Instant GDPR

A 60-minute Zoom call to work through the GDPR-related problems that are worrying you.

Outcome: Peace of mind and practical how-to answers and advice to take you forward.
Recording of the meeting is included.

Cost: £199.00

Jargon-free GDPR Essentials

Modules dealing with the nitty-gritty parts of GDPR that your business must understand/address. Easy to customise templates with full instructions and straightforward reference documents. For example, your Privacy Notice is one of these.

Choose what need or get them all. They are divided into Tiers based on complexity. Offer bundles are available to make savings or to include a Free Implementation Support Call with me.


  • Basic £49
  • Intermediate £99
  • Key £149

Includes 12 months automatic updates