Gold Rabit


Gold Rabit is our VIP package.

When you become a Gold Rabit VIP Customer you will have access to White Rabit as your companies Design Department. What ever you need, when ever you need is just an email away. For example you have a meeting coming up and you want a cool presentation to show, just send us and email with the content and deadline and we will get it done ASAP and sent back to you. If you want to build a website, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marking, Graphic Design we are here for you.

So for all this cool stuff what dose White Rabit ask for in return. Well its a simple request we ask for £2,000 + VAT a month for a 12 month contract.

We think this is a cool amount for both of us. Let me give you an example of the maths. Say for example you want a new website that you can sell your products on and then you want to do some email marketing each month to promote the products. Plus Facebook, Twitter, Google + and some printed advertising. Lets work out the costs.



  • Website with Shop – £5,000
  • Email Marketing 1 email per month for 12 months – 250 x 12 = £1,800
  • Facebook Set up and management for 12 months – 150 + 100 x 12 = £1,350
  • Twitter Set up and management for 12 months – 150 + 100 x 12 = £1,350
  • Google + Set up and management for 12 months – 150 + 100 x 12 = £1,350
  • Advertising Pack Pro – £2,050 (not inc print)
  • 12 months Content Marketing – 1,000 x 12 = £12,000
  • 3 Presentation Pack – £1,000

Total = £27,900

Gold Rabit – 2,000 x 12 = £24,000

With Gold Rabit you get all of this plus much, much more.