Going Mobile

The world is going mobile and the current craze at the moment is ‘Apps’. Everyone is asking do you have one, do you want one, why don’t you have one yet?

One thing people forget, when it comes to “Going Mobile”, is that its not all about iPhone or Android Apps. The first thing that you should consider is your companies website. Is it compatible with mobile devices? The iPhone will display most websites so long as you don’t have the dreaded ‘Flash’. However the way they display the websites even tho beautiful is not very “Fat Finger” friendly. This is very simply solved by creating a mobile device friendly version on the website. Basically a more pared down version with key information and not as much “in your face” graphics. This means the site will load faster and give a person who is on the go the info they need with out slowing them down. However don’t forget to give them the option of viewing the full site. Its best to give people the choice.

The second thing in the Mobile world are the aforementioned Apps. As with all things online and digital there are multiple ways of creating these things and multiple ways of getting them to your customers or potential customers. The two main players in this market are the Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad & Apple Desktops) and the Google Android platform (multiple phones and tablets).

The third element to Going Mobile is advertising. Apple have introduced iAd’s which let companies place beautiful interactive and dynamic adverts inside related apps that are currently on the app store. This is a good way to get into the App world with out having to step into the world of creating and developing an App from scratch. A good way to get your toes wet and test the water.

White Rabit has currently designed over 10 Apps and climbing and we have several of them in the app stores. We have our own developer licenses making life a little easier for you. So if you are interested in stepping into this new technology White Rabit is happy to take the steps with you and guide you into this brand new world.