We have all been blessed with the gifts of reading and writing. However, some of us are better at writing than others. This is why copywriting is so important.

Yes, you can sit and write all the words yourself for your new brochure, website etc. That is what I have done because I want you to hear my voice so that when we meet you will see that what I have said here is me. I also hope I have made you smile (just a little) while you have been reading this brochure.

Copywriting is adding a voice to your company. This means it should be the same voice and the same style for all things. Let me give you an example, you’re talking to your friend at a cafe and everything is normal and then all of a sudden he starts talking like your wife. This isn’t correct, he should be your friend. It’s the same with copywriting. If your reading a website or brochure etc and it’s very friendly and chatty (a bit like this brochure) and then all of a sudden it sounds like your wife, you will leave the website and stop reading or think something is wrong.

At White Rabit, we help you to find your voice and make sure its the same voice all the time. To do this however we need your help and expertise. Our team of writers are good at what they do and can create the correct tone for your company, however, if you don’t supply us with the information they tend to get a bit stuck and start doing word games on there phones. This means that Copywriting is a 50/50 give and take system.

So I ask you kindly please write but let us make the voice and make sure its always the same voice so people don’t get confused about things. We are also good at getting all the spelling mistakes and all that grammar stuff in the right places so you don’t have anyone laughing in the wrong places.

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