A company’s brand is a very personal thing. It can hold meaning that only the owner of the company understands or it can have hundreds of years of history behind it. At White Rabit we look at Branding in a different light. If it’s a new company or one that has been going for generations we always listen to what our client their and market are saying about them and their brand. Without listening and understanding the marketplace and our client we would not know what we should do.

We are also extremely honest when it comes to these types of things. If we feel it will compromise or damage your existing brand by redoing or changing it we will tell you even if this means we do not “win” the business. We feel that it is better to always be honest and up front with our clients at all times.

Our approach to branding has two stages. First we will research the market place and listen to our client and their customers. Secondly, we will create the Branding materials that have been requested. These can be Logo’s, Signage, Posters, Adverts, Website, Stationery, Gifts, Stickers, what ever you want.

White Rabit also provides Branding Guidelines so that all future design work will follow the same look and feel. The guidelines will include information about fonts, colours and how the logo should be used.