BHT Marketing

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Tele Marketing, Start-up & SME Support and Dig-e-Tel

A wife and husband team who wanted to create a Tele Marketing Agency based on honesty, integrity and quality that would continually develop new services around the use of the telephone.

BHT was founded in October 1997, by Christine and Colin Bonham-Horton. They had a genuine desire to provide a better level of service than they had personally received from telemarketing agencies.

“Our dream was to establish a telemarketing company that clients could trust, based on an honest assessment of each campaign, straight-talking at the sales meeting, high-quality service and results that are real.”

So the first years were spent learning how it all worked. They gathered information, stumbled from time to time and suffering a few sleepless nights, as new businesses will inevitably do. They were always learning and thinking about how they might improve the service whilst building a solid reputation of reliability. 23 years later they are still learning and developing.


Tele Marketing Campaigns
Made Simple.

If you need more clients.

By using BHT  Tele Marketing you will identify potential clients.

Your sales pipeline will begin to take shape with immediate, medium and long-term interest.

The result will be a list of companies who may become your clients.

Consequently, you can make more detailed and accurate sales forecasts and you can reasonably expect good growth.

Start-up & SME Support.

Because of the pandemic you were either in corporate employment and your employer had to let you go, or you got used to working at home and have decided that this is the way to live your life from now on.

So, you’ve decided to start your own business using the skills you have for yourself instead of for the benefit of someone else.

The Issues

You’ve taken the plunge and have realised that there are many things to consider when running your own business.
Having had that realisation, you would be happy to have some moral/ proactive support in one, or maybe two, areas of your business.

So that’s where BHT Start-up & SME support can help. We have over 40 years of experience starting, building and running micro-to small businesses.

The targeted marketing technique for brand growth


If you are looking to expand your brand reach you need Dig-e-Tel

Dig-e-Tel uses the power of social media, e-mail marketing and telemarketing in a progressive combination.

In today’s world more and more people are having to work from home and so an ideal way to contact each of them is by using a business-based social media platform to make initial contact and offer your services.

What does Dig-e-Tel do?

It finds and increases contact numbers, identifies those who are interested, develops a prospect relationship which becomes an opportunity pipeline, and eventually books sales appointments.

Dig-e-Tel is a medium to long-term marketing technique.

If you are looking to rebuild your contact list or simply extend your reach and build more opportunities for sales, then Dig-e-Tel is what you need.